NSF-ISRCREDA incorporates internationally recognized quality management practices into its day-to-day operations by being ISO 9001:2000 registered. ISO is a rigorous quality management system registration process awarded to business and organizations that meet internationally recognized performance standards.


CREDA is one of 13 Regional Development Authorities in Nova Scotia. While core operational funding comes from three levels of government – Federal, Provincial, and Municipal, it is important to note that the “key” driving partner is the Municipal government through its broad based representation on the CREDA board. CREDA values the support of all five Municipal Units in Cumberland County including the Municipality of the County of Cumberland and the towns of Amherst, Oxford, Parrsboro, and Springhill.

Our Mission: To create an environment which facilitates sustainable economic growth in the Cumberland region in partnership with all municipal units.


CREDA's Role


CREDA’s primary role within the Community of Cumberland is as a facilitator. It is best described as an organization which “steers” the Community Economic Development process while encouraging the Community to do the “rowing”. The Association assists communities to clearly identify goals, develop reasonable and realistic plans to achieve the goals and to secure the resources required to attain the goals. In the overall process it is also CREDA's role to increase the Community's ability to approach and address its goals using its own resources and expertise, thus building community capacity.


About RDAs

What’s a Nova Scotia RDA?

NSRDAWorking in the diverse communities of Nova Scotia, located on Canada’s east coast, the Nova Scotia Regional Development Authorities ( or RDAs) are 13 community-based groups helping individual and community ventures succeed. From partnerships, to business advice, to government navigation, Nova Scotia RDAs are the first-stop in the road to successful communities.