Pugwash Peace Exchange Project Moving Forward

April 17, 2007

Efforts to construct the Pugwash Peace Exchange, a proposed $6-million dollar interpretive, educational, and research centre in Pugwash are moving forward as planned.

The project has generated controversy with some residents expressing opposition to the proposed location at the intersection of King and Water streets, citing concerns over traffic congestion, parking and the challenges the project could pose to the peace and tranquility that the residents currently enjoy. To help alleviate those concerns the Pugwash Peace Exchange has agreed to a third party evaluation as part of the development process under the auspices of the Cumberland Regional Economic Development Association (CREDA).

Peace Exchange Board Chair Stephen Leahey said expert advice will be sought on key issues such as the proposed building design and location, as well as concerns over traffic congestion, parking, and water supply problems. “If the architects, engineers and traffic experts find that the proposed site doesn’t work for whatever reasons, then by all means we will look at other locations within the village,’ he said.

Kathy Langille, District 4 Councillor for the Municipality of the County of Cumberland said she is very happy with confirmation that the concerns of residents will be directly addressed as part of the project planning process and that the Pugwash Peace Exchange Board is prepared to be more flexible in regards to the project’s location. “I support the Peace Exchange,” she said. “I believe it is an important economic development project for the Village of Pugwash and the North Shore of Cumberland County.”

Rhonda Kelly, Executive Director of the Cumberland Regional Economic Development Association added that, “CREDA is pleased this very worthwhile project has the potential to move forward and that any concerns regarding location, traffic and parking will be addressed as the PPE moves from the concept to the design stage.”